8 to 16 Plug Expandable Frag Rack

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Our expandable frag rack is an innovative way to ensure your frag rack can grow with your collection. This frag rack is designed to showcase from 8 to 16 show stopping frags on up to a 1″ frag plug with and up to a 1/2″ stem. Its low profile and super strong magnet helps to minimize distractions and emphasize your coral. Put your corals on something as beautiful as the pieces themselves with your Infinite Marine 8 to 16 plug expandable frag rack.


Size: 16 Frag Plugs
Internal Dimensions: 8″ L x 2.5″ W x 1″H
Max Tank Thickness: 1/2″ Glass or Acrylic
Compatible Frag Plugs: 3/4” – 1” crown, up to 1/2” stem


What’s Included

1x Infinite Marine 8 to 16 Plug Expandable Frag Rack

1x Submersible Dry-Side Acrylic Encased Magnet

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