What we're about

Fragging for the Future

We provide the reefing community with products that make collecting, fragging, and sharing as easy, fun, and rewarding as possible. The more people there are with successful reef and frag tanks curating, propagating, and sharing coral, the less we depend on natural reefs. This makes for a stronger and more impervious hobby, community, and industry.


Our Role

We play our part by making propagation solutions and reefing equipment that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and innovative. Our ultimate goal is building a community of successful hobbyists and coral farmers that are fragging for the future using top quality Infinite Marine products.


We wan’t to take it one step further

Our dream is to one day connect with ocean restoration and coral farming efforts. We want to build partnerships with these organizations and put a piece of our revenue into helping restore our oceans and growing the universe of currently available aquacultured inland species.

Our oceans have given us and this hobby so much. We believe that these kinds of partnerships not only move the industry forward but set an example for how we ethically and responsibly keep reefing alive for the future.

If you know of a worthy cause, send us a message and tell us about it so we can reach out!


Our journey is just beginning

We set out to make our dreams a reality in late 2019, and have endured some challenges in 2020, but we believe the cause is worth the fight.

We look forward to releasing new products over the course of 2021 and building the partnerships necessary to reach our goals.

You can support the cause by shopping with us today!